Based in England by way of Kilkenny, Ireland , Toronto, Canada and Dallas, Texas, Black King Crow is Bastion Highwalk and Johnny Favourite's version of dirty, blues based rock n roll with a heaping of outlaw country grit and swagger. Both of their whiskey soaked, tobacco singed voices, Highwalk's twanging overdriven Telecaster guitars and Favourite's Honky Tonk piano  make Black King Crow instantly identifiable. Highwalk has been called a 'lovable gypsy rogue', 'master of the drinking song' and the 'lyrical equivalent to a Cohen Brothers film' and prefers story telling and imagery over everything else. Are they true? 'More or less, sometimes more, sometimes less'.


They count The Stones, The Faces, Rod Stewart, The Black Crowes, Izzy Stradlin, Steve Earle, Tyla,  Hank Williams, George Jones, (later) Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters,

Mississippi Fred McDowell, Elmore James and 'most of the Delta Blues cats' among their musical influences. Lyrically Highwalk reads anything from Charles Bukowski, Celine and Henry Miller to Rimbaud, TS Eliot and Beaudelaire.  And only good reviews of his music.



High Windows in Total Rock

 by Dawn Osborne

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