When I look back, at the pictures, 

Trying' to piece it all together, 

There are things I don't recall, and things I can't remember,

I started in on Gordon's Gin and I ended up in France


Right from the station, with my guitar,

And a suitcase in my hand,

To Chez Janette, and Julien, to drink my way to the Seine,

My French ain't too good but my charm still works as I found in Madeleine


-Cause I drank, all the gin in Paris,

Lost my way between the train and Trocadero,

I left my heart in Lafayette, 

Just say the bars ain't closing just yet


I made some friends, yeah you could say,

And I traded Gordon's for some Tanqueray,

But then like always, there's a ruckus,

And I find that I've been thrown out again,

The Sacred Heart and some Irish bars refused to let me in


That little place, near Invalides, they charge too much but I got a seat,

I'm recognised, though I ain't famous, 

Who can argue when the drinks are free

When the gin is gone you know I'm off home, if I can only find the way


The French police, yeah they seemed fine,

Gave me a room and told me it was mine, 

And when I woke up, without a plan, they said they found me drunk and on the Seine

I guess I know where not to go and I stumbled my way home




Wish that I may, try as I might, 

The daylight fades like a lone headlight

I was never gonna fall in love with you,


You can say what you want, do what you do,

But i ain't about to sing you the blues,

There ain't no cars on the only road out of town


-Somewhere down the line, 

It'll work itself out fine,

But I won't be there to show you how it goes,

One day yeah you'll see, every road leads from me


Tell me your story, sing me your song,

But I ain't about to hang around for long,

I'll hitch a ride to anywhere


Maybe I will, maybe I won't,

But there ain't nothin left, cause I drank it all,

You were never gonna fall in love with me



THUNDERBIRD (High Windows)

How many times, do I have to hear that sound,

Like flapping wings around my head but I'm on the ground

Atop a mountain, where they say the sun don't shine,

I'd trade my Cisco for a drop of that Ripple Wine, 


I ain't no sinner, but I sin,

I'll pop the cork like a firing pin


It ain't pretty when a Mad Dog leads the blind,

But we all got our vice and I like mine fortified,

It ain't the loneliness that makes you ride the Train,

It's the quiet nights that come falling down like rain


-I plead the Fifth from the five and dime alright, 

No one nowhere ever gets out alive,

Like the wino on the corner tries to make his own ends meet,

Oh my Thunderbird take me off my feet


One of these days I'll ride the rails till they throw me out the door,

Just me and my Irish Rose but she ain't so wild no more,

They say my saviour is gonna come down from that sky,

So far I ain't seen nothin and my throats begun to go dry



ROSEWOOD (Rosewood)

We used to drive  the interstate,

Makin every stop along the way,

But one too many exits passed us by,

And the bottles in the back seat all went dry


We never had the time we wanted,

When the evil came a calling,

The somewhere it all went wrong,

Instead of drivin' I'm just walkin


-With eyes like Rosewood, she looked into the dark,

No matter how many shots we couldn't hit the mark,

For all the sunshine we never out ran the rain,

Cause once you see you get there, you never come home again


I lived my life the way I wanted,

Where the ghosts become the haunted,

Then the light begins to fade,

Like Rosewood in the night all the same


For every cigarette and empty bottle,

Dancing in the darkness to the Possum,

But when the whisky's all gone, I'm at the bottom


I left my love out on the highway,

Safe from scattered roads I take,

Out on 25 behind the trees,

Cause the things I know, man, you would not believe.